Indie Jukebox:The best indie games soundtracks! #1

Hello Everyone.Welcome to a new series of articles about the soundtracks of our loved indie games!Do you know,sometimes we focus only on the gameplay aspect  without taking  care of the hard work behind the soundtracks.Can you imagine playing a game like Hotline Miami without his frenetic soundtracks?What about Tetris without his classic theme song?Choosing the perfect soundtracks for a game is a really important job for a game developer,with a good soundtrack your adventure could be more interesting and enjoyable.That’s why i decided  to add this category  in my blog,to talk a little about music which is my passion too and give some space to the best soundtracks in the indie game world!Hope you will enjoy the article and thanks for reading!


      Made by: Supergiant Games

Composed by: Darren Korb

Vocals by:Ashley Barrett

Buy full host here:Supergiant Store,Steam

Buy the game here:Steam,Playstation store

The first game that comes in my mind while thinking about this new series was Transistor,an action rpg game made by Supergiant Games,the same developers of Bastion,another beautiful indie game with awesome soundtracks,but i’m gonna talk about it another time.Transistor is a game with a futuristic atmosphere and style,with a beautiful and complex plot and a real-time strategy gameplay,but why it was the first game for an article like that?Because the soundtracks behind Transistor are fantastic,with the sweet and perfect voice of the singer Ashley Barrett and the awesome work of Darren Korb,the composer,each song accompanies the player in his adventure,like a travel,in this beautiful futuristic world.


Each song of the game have his own and unique style,hard to classify it in a single genre.You can hear this smooth and soft rhythm like Jazz,but at the same time,there are also Hip Hop traces   and a mix of electronic music.I searched a bit on the internet to see what kind of genre is similiar to Transistor,and thanks to this reddit post that you can read here,i found out that the most similiar genre to this soundtracks are the Trip-Hop and the Jazz-Hop.In my opinion,this album is so cool that can be bought alone without the game,because it  is a fantastic and unique mix worth every dollar.

What artists can i hear if i liked the album? 

These  are some examples of artists you can hear with a similiar style of the Transistor’s soundtrack,that i found after some searches.But if you know other artists like that,feel free to suggest me some in the comments!Also i would suggest you to take a look at the new Supergiant games project called Pyre,which gonna have the same guys behind the soundtracks,so it’s gonna be amazing.But  for now,let’s talk about the other game in the list!


Made by: Jonathan Blow

Buy full ost

Buy the game here:Xbox live,Steam,

Soundtracks by :Jami Sieber,Shira Kammen,Cheryl Ann Fulton

The second game of the list is a fantastic indie game made by the brilliant man Jonathan Blow called Braid.Braid is a platform game with puzzle elements really particular,because the protagonist,Tim, have the ability to rewind time even after dying,to help him reaching puzzle pieces and reach the princess.What’s the special thing about this game,apart for the rewind and the painting graphic style?The story behind it was a total surprise,the ending will blow your mind,and the secret ending is something amazing.So if you haven’t already,you really should try this little but big game,because you’re gonna remember it forever.


Talking about the soundtracks,this time is a different situation,because the songs behind Braid aren’t videogame soundtracks made just for it,but they are indipendent licensed songs  bought in this store here Magnatune.Why Blow made this choice?First of all because he wanted to reduce the costs of the game,but also in his opinion,the game needed something more then a videogame soundtrack to explain the feelings behind it.That’s why he picked up some songs in the Magnatune site and composed the soundtrack of Braid.He choosed the  songs according to the length,but that also provided a strange and weird effect while playing them backward,during the rewind ability.Also some songs helped him creating some stages and developing  the atmosphere behind the game.

The melodies behind Braid are soft but at the same time strong and dark,like the game himself.The artists behind the soundtracks have different styles,we have New age Jami Sieber,Early music and  Folk Shira Kemmen,and celtic/medieval music Cheryl Ann Fulton.The songs are all instrumental,based on the classic music,each song is complex,with lot of instruments and perfectly composed.In my opinion,Blow nailed it choosing these soundtracks for a game like this,because the final result was an amazing experience to try.

What artist can i hear if i liked this album?

These are some examples but if you take a look,there are lot of artists like this awesome girls,you can take a look on this pages if you want to hear other songs like that:Folk,New Age.

To The Moon

Made by:Freebird Games

Buy the full ost here:Bandcamp,Steam

Buy the game here:Steam,GOG

Soundtracks by:Kan Gao,Laura Shigihara

Ohh To The Moon..A game that has thrilled many players all over the world.A gem from the awesome and creative mind of Kan Gao,To The Moon is an adventure/visual novel game,made with RPG Maker,but it doesn’t have nothing of an rpg.This game is more focused on the story than the gameplay,that’s why the gameplay is pretty simple.There are some easy puzzles but it is more like a visual novel,focused on the beautiful story behind it.

With lot of passion,a simple game like this one could be something big and beautiful.


Talking about the soundtracks of the game,they were composed by the same Kan Gao,with the collaboration of the talented artist Laura Shigihara,also know for making soundtracks for games likes:Minecraft,World of Warcraft,Plant vs Zombies.Her song Everything’s Alright was addes by Kan Gao in the game.

You can feel the passion of Kan Gao behind this game,the soundtracks is beautiful and was praysed by many critics.

Each song are mostly composed with a piano base,with other instruments in the background like violin ,xilophone.They are instrumental songs with a classical vibe.There are songs really sweet but other songs creepy and dark,like  Lament of a Stranger,wich is used for a sad moment during the story.

What can i hear if i liked this album?

There are many artists that play this kind of music.Mostly movies soundtracks are instrumental and beautiful to hear so you should take a look at them too.Also i would suggest you to listen to the awesome artist Joe Hisaishi,the composer of mostly Studio Ghibli’s movies.Take e a look at this beautiful compilation : Joe Hisaishi 29 Song Golden Collection

This is the end of the article,for now,i talked about 3 soundtracks but in the second one i’m gonna add more!This is something new,i written it with lot of passion and i liked talking about them a lot.But if there are any kind of errors like:grammatical,genres,artists or you just have some suggestions,feel free to comment.As many people already know,i’m willing to accept any kind of critics,to make my articles better during time.

Thank you very much for reading and hope you liked this new little idea!And of course thanks to the awesome composers behind the soundtracks of our favourite games. Because they do a beautiful job ,helping you having the perfect atmosphere or just to fill your adventure.

I’m not a professional writer  but just a guy with a passion for videogames.

See you space cowboys.


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