Are DLC a bad thing for gaming? Let’s share some opinions

Remember, this is just my opinion.If you disagree with something,feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

Hello everyone and welcome to a new let’s talk!I always wanted to share my thoughts about DLC,but before doing this i did some research,saw some videos,to look at both good and bad side of the argument.

What is a DLC?

For the few people who don’t know it already,a DLC is a Downloadable content for a videogame.They are made by the developers to add more content to a game,they may ask for money or give them for free,it all depends from developers and the situation.They could be new stories,new costumes,new skins and more.

If you haven’t already,i made a little review for a game who mocks this kind of situation,called DLC QUEST,feel free to take a look if you want!

Why DLC are so popular right now?

Well the perfect answer to this question for me it’s simple,because people want more.

Maybe you’ve completed a new RPG  but you want more quests because it was so good!That’s why when you saw a new dlc with lot of new quests and new adventures,you buy it.So you can play more contents of your favourite game.Or you just want to customize more your gameplay by buying new skins for your multiplayer fps game or new costumes,items and more,so you can have a unique character to represent you.In most cases you’re free to not buy them and still have some fun,but  there are lot of gamers who hate them,but why? Let’s dig more CSGO-Skins-Suit-Shot-01.jpg

Why do developers add DLC to a videogame?

Sometimes we have a bad habit,talking about something without looking for both good and bad side.You disagree with dlc?Let’s just hate the developers and telling them they’re thief by doing them,without doing some research first.But try to think like a developer for a second,imagine if your game costs lot of money and maybe the sells aren’t that good,so are the profits,what can you do?Add more content to your game.Dlc can help a game to come back alive,with lot of new contents and features that involve more people to play it again.So the developers gain more money,the players more content,and we are all happy,at least if the developers are like this.

Are all the developers so fair?

Do you think all the developers are so fair and they do this just to gain more money for a bad sale?Of course not.

There are LOT of famous videogame companies,with no respect for the players,who want to rape your wallet.I don’t have nothing against the skins because you don’t have to buy them,the problem is when a game companie release an unfinished product,with lot of content cut off,just to add it later with lot of dlcs.We are not talking about a 10 or 20€ game,but we are talking about games that costs already 60€.With all the contents your game is missing,it will costs you from 80€ to 100€ and more,just to have the complete game you deserved after spending lot of money.Do you want a perfect example?Let’s talk about The Sims 4 by EA.


When DLC are unfair.

Let’s talk about The Sims 4.When The Sims 4 was released,people started notice that LOT of features where cut off,and we are not talking about new features,but features already presents in the previous game,The Sims 3.Do you know how many features were cut off from The Sims 3? 77.Here you can see what is missed:Feature missing from The sims 4.

But where are all this features now?Of course they are all dlc.But let’s do some math and calculate the prices:

  • The “full” game is 59,90€ (On sale is 39,93€)
  • There are 3 Expansion pack and 11 packs (Stuff pack,Game pack)
  • The 3 game packs are 19.90 each so the full price for all 3 is 59,70€
  • Then we have the stuff packs,they are 8 and they cost 9,90 each.So for all of them you have to spend 79.20€
  • Then we have the 3 Expansion pack and the full price if you  buy all 3 is 109,84€.

So,if you want to buy the complete game,you have to spend a total of 308,64€.But hey,you can still play our more empty and less funnier standard edition,if you don’t want to spend more money!Or you can try our awesome DELUXE edition,wich add 2 dlc,some animal hats and some decorations!For a modest price of 69,90.

What a joke.

And that’s not against only EA but there are lot of other companies who do this,that’s why most gamers  hate dlc,because there are companies who abuse this system.

To buy more dlc!

All the companies are this bad?

Of course not,there are lot of companies who do awesome dlc for the players!Complete expansions packs worth all the money.But if you can’t afford them,you still have a complete game without any content cut off.Still fun and enjoyable.

Take for example the awesome guys from CD Projekt RED,the creators of The Witcher.They have gifted to all the players,to say thank you for all the support,16 free dlc (Link).This is something beautiful to do,not because it’s free stuff but it’s a gift to all the players who supported them.Lot of companies should take notes from this guys,because you have to remember something,without the support of the gamers,you wouldn’t be here making games.There are people who work hard to buy their games,and have some free content,sometimes,is an awesome reward!Or have a beautiful and complete expansion pack like The Witcher 3:Blood And Wine,worth all the money.Not all this little dlc to fill the wholes of your game.


Day one DLC

Now i just want to write some lines about day one dlc,because i don’t understand them.Why you can’t include them in the final game,instead of cutting content off after the release?I understand you have to make more money and fast,but try to think like a player for a moment.You’re buying a 60€ game,but you know already that the game will miss content that should be included already,because you’re not spending 20€ but 60€ for this game.And see all this content,before release,cut off from the main game and selled  apart,to me it’s like a betrayal to a loyal costumer,ready to buy your game.Of course you’re not forced to buy day one dlc and you could  just play the game,but it isn’t fair in my opinion for the people who trust you and buy your game at day one.Is this the reward given to the people who trust your work?

This was my general opinion about the dlc system right now,you’re free to explain your thoughts  about that in the comment section.

I’m gonna do more Just some talks because i really like to share my opinions  and discuss about this kind of arguments behind the videogames we play everyday.So hope you will like them

Also i would suggest you to see this video if you want another opinion:The Inconvenient Truth about Modern Gaming – DLC, Microtransactions

Thank you very much for reading,for the visit and also to the new followers!And remember:

Always look both ways before crossing the road

See you space cowboys.

38 thoughts on “Are DLC a bad thing for gaming? Let’s share some opinions

  1. I hate how developers milk a game and release dlcs, that’s why I prefer older games. I hate playing new games because they are so much easier to finish, back then games would keep you hooked for 100+ hours. Also I don’t understand the concept of episodic games, to me it seems like the developers couldn’t finish the game on time so they release it bit by bit.

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    1. I agree with you about the episodic games,i don’t like them.I mostly play indie games because devs make them with more love and you can see the effort and passion behind them.Instead,talking about the Triple A games,it all depends because sometimes they just do some expansions packs,but you still have a complete game.But like you said,there are companies who abuse this system to gain more money.

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  2. I’ve mentioned this on a few posts by various people. The price of buying a video game has stayed about the same for a very long time, in spite of inflation. I suspect a lot of publishers don’t want to raise the game’s price for risk of losing sales. The way around this is to offer expansions to offset that loss due to inflation. Some publishers really do take the piss, but in many cases it’s a necessity.

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    1. The dlc system work pretty well,the problem is how you use it.Like you said,there are devs who need to do this,to cover the prices.But at the same time,there are some companies who do this on purpose to gain much money as they could,by cutting content from the original game,and that’s pretty unfair to me

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      1. Agreed, cutting content to be held back, or on disc DLC are ones I have a problem with. Cosmetics and additional content in the long run aren’t so bad. Asura’s Wrath was terrible for it. The true ending was DLC!

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  3. Very interesting post. I think DLC is great when used in the right way and actually adds something to the game’s experience. For example I loved the Left Behind DLC for Last of Us because it added a new element to the story. However, I hate that some developers use it as an excuse to release an unfinished game -ie Star Wars Battlefront

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  4. I play a lot of games years after they come out. The only real issue I have with DLC is when the story becomes part of the canon itself. So in order to feel like I actually finished the game, I need to explore both the base game, and the DLC. It becomes tedious just to keep track of which DLC came out for which game.

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  5. I personally love DLC. Games like Mass Effect, Dragon Age, The Witcher, The Elder Scrolls, Borderlands, etc have all benefited greatly from DLC. The best piece of DLC I’ve ever played is Lair of Shadow Broker in Mass Effect 2.

    There are you common cash grab DLCs like buying weapon skins or episodic games where you have to pay for each episode, but there’s so much good DLC out there right now.

    Civilization is another franchise that was made great by it’s DLC. Civilization V is considered by many to be the best strategy game ever made and that’s because of the two expansions it received.

    Also I noticed a comment about how games are too short today. That’s simply not true. The Witcher is easily a 200+ hour game if you do everything, and so is any Elder Scrolls game from Morrowind to Skyrim. Saying a game is better because it released back in day is just nostalgia talking in my opinion.

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    1. I agree with you! There are lot of good DLC,you just have to buy the right ones.Also talking about the short game,there are a lot of games with lot of hours to play like you said already,and in my opinion,if a game is short but it’s focused and have a good plot for me,there is any problem.I prefer a short but good one than a huge and empty one.

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      1. Bioshock is a great example of a game that’s really linear, but has a great story, and excellent gameplay. My favorite games of all time are linear. The Mass Effect Trilogy, except part 1, are linear games that all tell a fantastic story.

        Then there are games like The Witcher that are huge, but filled to the rim with content. My favorite games, by far, are strategy games though. Love Total War, Civilization, Xcom, etc. Xcom is a small mission based game while Civilization, and Total War are both huge open strategy games.

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      2. Loved Bioshock and Mass Effect!Instead,i’m not into strategy games,but i liked a lot XCOM: Enemy Unknown.
        There are a lot of good linear games, for example i liked Portal,Gears of war,Max Payne,Splinter Cell and lot more.

        Right now open world games are more popular because people prefer a big game than a shorter one,but big isn’t always better.Of course it all depends by the games because there are fantastic open worlds games like The Witcher 3,but also empty ones for example Shadow of Mordor,a huge disappointment for me.


      3. I thought Shadow of Mordor was fantastic. Love that game to death, but it lacks replay value.

        You have great taste in games btw. I highly recommend Civilization or Total War if you ever think about getting into strategy games. Those are good starting points that are easy to get into and hard to put down :). I love games that make me think and strategy games, well… good ones anyway, do that for me.

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      4. Thank you!I liked the atmosphere and the gameplay mechanics of Shadow of Mordor,but after a while it become repetitive as hell to me.

        Also thank you for the suggestion,Total War seems like interesting,i like Shogun 2,i have to try it!If you like games where you have to think,you should try Door Kickers


      5. Right now my life is sucked into Civilization VI, and ESO. I’ll definitely keep Door Kickers in mind when I finish Civilization VI though. Shogun II is my favorite Total War game. Even though Rome II started off really, really, bad it’s become one of the best Total War games to date with the Emperor Edition. It’s a close second to Shogun II in my opinion.

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  6. I think it’s a good and a bad thing. It does make the company extra money even though you may have had to pay out a chunk for the game. However, it offers a bit of extra content for the people who enjoyed the game without the dlc. It can also make a games popularity last longer with nits of dlc coming out. It can be good and bad depending on what way you look at it.

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  7. I very much agree with you. For me they only game I have ever gotten on the day of release was Borderlands 2. The game had a full experience to start of with. A 30+ hour campaign and plenty of hidden Easter eggs to go with it. The DLC was just to add more content to a game that already had a loyal following. On the other hand when it comes to Battleborn for instance. your spending $60 on the game and more for the deluxe version but the option to spend more money on the game to unlock all toons as you go is a little bit of a low blow. Like you mentioned you don’t have to, but why is that an option with a paid for game when you have the means to unlock the toons yourself.

    Love your article and keep it up.

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  8. Very interesting article.
    I have to agree that DLC has taken away what expansions should be providing; you don’t get expansion packs full with content anymore, when they can drip feed you DLC one small piece of content at a time.

    Great article!

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  9. I resist buying any DLC because companies are clearly ripping off the consumer. Many of the things you pay for in DLC are things that would be included in the original game years ago. Don’t get me started on companies that make you pay DLC to unlock content that is on the disc.


  10. Great points you’ve brought up here, been thinking about the issue of DLC for a while now. Nice to see someone write a good, comprehensive post about the DLC problem.

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  11. Often it depends on the game itself for me. I tend to trust that large open world rpg’s will have pretty decent DLC. So I have never balked at purchasing them. I am also rather patient with my game purchases so by the time I get to buying them, they have often been bundled together with the original game. It is usually the fps’s that suffer with their quality as they are on a tight schedule for pumping out games and often sacrifice the original games conclusion so that they can work on it more through DLC.

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  12. it depends on the game, I’m usually not to big on getting DLC just because i only have so much time to play these days that extending the life of the game is of no real benefit to me, unless I finish a game and want some more things to do.

    That being said, I did purchase DLC characters for super smash bros, to me it makes the game deeper with more opponents and gives me new ones to learn.

    On the other hand, I bought Star Wars Battlefront, and with the promise of DLC over the horizen, we just got new maps for a very hefty price which to me isn’t worth it at that point.

    Then on the other hand, you have games like Witcher 3 which offer tons of free DLC, I think more companies should follow this example

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    1. Thank you for sharing your opinion about this system and of course thank you for reading 🙂

      I played a bit Battlefront with the EA Access but i wasn’t really impressed about it,i don’t know why but it felt like something was missing while playing it,like it was made without love or passion.Just a random shooter in the Star Wars universe,impossibile to compare it with the old games (battlefront and battlefront 2)


  13. I think it’s cool that the internet exists so if a company comes up with a new idea they want to add to their game (or forgot to add something and people are complaining) then they can release it to the world within a few minutes. It’s dumb that they milk it though. It’d be fine if they made it 2 bucks or something but 20 bucks for a horse and a couple chairs makes it so obvious they just want the money

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  14. Some good points here, I’m all for new content and extending a games life. However I am against day one content being locked behind a pay wall. Take for honor as an example. I paid full price for that and its gonna take forever to unlock all items. Content that is there and I have paid for. Yet I can’t access it without grinding. I have no issues with paying for custom skins etc as that is optional and doesn’t affect game play. I do however have a problem with Stat affecting items being locked behind a pay wall. Pay to win is a big issue. Story content and expansions when done right are worth investing in and can provide extra hours onto a game.

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    1. I agree with everything you said. I’m glad you readed the article and shared your opinion :).

      I think developers should recognize the loyalty of his customers and gift something. And CD Projekt it’s the best example.

      And then we have something like 2k, they release a game like WWE 2K17, with old characters already and instead of updating it with free content, they do small dlcs with new wrestlers. And you pay like 5 euros for a single wrestler, that should be included in the game already.

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      1. It’s the same with fighting games etc, having characters locked behind a pay wall is a real blow for consumers. Unfortunately I think it’s a case of voting with our wallets, however I don’t want to miss out on often great content. Sort of a vicious circle.

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