Indie Review:Verdict Guilty!A 90’s style fighting game

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since the last review.Sorry for the delay and thank you for the new followers and the people who still followed me during my vacation.You’re all awesome!Today  i’m gonna review Verdict Guilty,a 2d fighting  indie  game made by Retro Army Limited the same creators of Super Trench Attack!



The game takes place in a dangerous city called Neo Seoul,filled with criminals,terrorists and corruption.You have to pick your side because not all characters are good guys,you can also choose the criminals  to destroy the city!The story in a fighting game is something a bit “opitional” and short in most cases,just to tell you who the characters are.

Every character (they are 8) have his little story behind.They are short and nothing special but for a fighting indie game they aren’t that bad.But there are few  problems,for example,every character have almost one antagonist,friend,rival, that looks the same as the protagonist.It was like fighting against a doppelganger,same moves,same celebration but different details like the haircut or a different color.Some stories are decent,some stories a bit stupid but it’s just an addition for a fighting game,the really important thing is the gameplay!



Now let’s talk about the most important aspect in a fighting game,the gameplay.The movements feels really slow and mechanical,not unplayable but it i didn’t liked them.It was hard hiting a special move because the character is really slow so you dont’t have enough time to make it.Talking about special moves and combos,there are just 3 special moves for each characters,really easy to make but they are still very few for a fighting game.Also there is only one combo x character,with the rusty movements it’s almost impossible to make a combo.

Talking about the difficulty,the cpu IA is terrible,the enemies are super easy to beat,you can stay still,tapping just one button and  win,at least until the final boss.I don’t know why but the boss is unbalanced and overpowered,he can kill you with 3 moves,his punches destroys your energy bar in seconds.He is so unbalanced compared to all the enemies before him,with some characters beating him was so hard!I had to spam some combos or special moves because if he touch you,in few seconds you’re dead.It’s just a normal person,not a monster or something like that,there are enemies more stronger and phisical than him,but still,he is a killing machine.

There are 5 game modes in the game,we have..

  • Arcade Mode
  • Story Mode
  • Survival
  • Versus
  • Training

In the arcade mode you have 3 credits (3 lives) and the object is to beat all the enemies,if you lose all the credits,game over!In the versus mode you can play against a friend with the local co-op or just having some random fights.What about the training mode? Well,it isn’t a Training,there is no tutorial,you have to fight an opponent and after you kill him you’ll return in the main menu.He doesn’t have invincibility like most fighting games to let you pratice,so pratically nothing useful.In the versus mode you can do the same thing.In the Survival mode,as the title say,you have to survive against enemies but you have a single energy,after every battle the energy will remain the same.Every fight you win,you gain some energy so you can last longer.

The one i want to focus about is the Story Mode,it’s like the arcade mode but there are some dialogues and a background story for each character.I didn’t liked  the random fights during the story.They broke the storyline just to fill a bit the short story.In my opinion they should have done like this:have some fights without dialogue and then,when you fight an important character, you put the background story.Instead they put a dialogue with every opponent,and sometimes their reason to fight are nosense.Instead of the arcade mode,you have to complete some objects for every character,i didn’t liked this choice too because you’re limited and you have to do what they told you to complete the stage.Like using a pistol or a specific move,otherwise you won’t be able to damage the opponent.This was a bad choice,because sometimes it doesn’t make sense.For example in Siu’s story,you have to fight Mia,another police agent,using only your pistol.Why do you have to shoot her? For what reason?It could be cool to do it against a criminal but like this it’s just a random object.You shoot to a girl and then,after the fight,she isn’t even hurt,but she’s fine. After like 6 gunshots.This is a small problem but it was annoying for me,it ruined the story and put a limit in each fight.

So what’s the reason why i was fascinating about this game? The art style and the 90’s feeling behind it caught me.


Graphic and Soundtracks

With a 16bit style,the graphic was cool and perfect for the theme of the game.The mix between crime drama and this blue filter was a perfect choice,accompanied by this 16bit awesome soundtracks made by Bossfights.I liked also the characters drawings,my favourite one was Gyeong,with his broken detective attire.What about the stages?Nice job also here,there are lot of stages all differents from each other with unique details and animated backgrounds.Very nice job with the graphics and the soundtracks,that’s the main reason why i was fascinated about this game months ago!


Achievement hunting 

This little section is about the achievements of the game,for the people who like to complete the game with a 100%!

  • Difficulty:  5/10
  • Achievements number: 13
  • Hours to complete it: 4/5 hours

It was really easy to complete this game except for beating the final boss with each character to complete the story mode.The most hard achievements for me are:

  7 Hits!

Perform a 7 hit combo in arcade mode

Tips:For this one i suggest you to play as Hyuk and perform his gunshot after 2 punches.Because his riffle hit a 5x combo,so after two punches and a gunshot,you’re good!

  10 Seconds!

Defeat an arcade opponent in under ten seconds

Tips:The perfect character for this one is Gun,if you spam fast his special moves,you will kill an opponent in few seconds.

4 wins!

Get 4 wins in survival mode

Tips:This one isn’t that hard,you have to survive for 4 fights in the survival mode.To do so,i sugget you Gun.All you have to do is spamming his special moves like the other achievement and you’re good.Also each fight will  restore your energy so it’s pretty easy to achieve.

The rest of the achievements are story related,or like “beating arcade mode”.Nothing too hard,the only problem is the boss.With some characters is hard to beat,but you just have to be patient and keep trying.


Final Comment with Pros and Cons


  • Awesome 16bit art style
  • Decent character’s stories
  • 8 unique characters to play with
  • Nice soundtracks
  • Cheap



  • Limited and slow gameplay
  • Mechanical movements
  • Useless training mode
  • Cpu too easy,Boss unbalanced
  • Annoying story mode objects
  • Just 3 special moves

With his 90’s style caught me,fascinated by his blue filter,crime drama theme and the nice soudtracks.But the gameplay in my opinion was bad,rusty and slow for a fighting game.Performing a combo or just a simple move was hard.Also the cpu was terrible,really easy except for the unbalanced boss.Another bad thing were the objects in the story mode that limited a lot the gameplay and the antagonist that looked like the same as the protagonists,just with different colors palette or haircut.Lot of potential for a 3 dollars game,wasted by some bad choice and a bad gameplay.It is cheap so hope you will try it and share your opinions,like me!

I’m not a professional reviewer but just a guy with a passion for videogames.

Thank you very much for reading,sorry again for the delay and thanks for all the followers,the good comments and EVERYTHING.And hope to see in  future a  game by this awesome developers with more features and a better gameplay.

See you space cowboys.



5 thoughts on “Indie Review:Verdict Guilty!A 90’s style fighting game

  1. But i don’t think i’m gonna review another fighting game in future,not because i don’t like the genre,but i couldn’t find good words for a review,it was hard and strange for me.Maybe because i prefer other kind of games for a review,games like this one are to play just for fun 😀


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