What if SUPERHOT was a retro game? retroHot!

Hello Space Cowboys!

Who doesn’t know SUPERHOT?A particular first person shooter indie game where times move only when you move.

You have to clean rooms full of bad guys in a frenetic slow motion action, to achieve the best kills and the best score. If you haven’t played it already, you really have to.

You can find the game on Steam, Xbox one and PS4.Also there is a new VR version recentely released, but i don’t know much about that.

That game was a brilliat idea and from a great idea, comes lot of fan made games.

We had games like SUPERHOTline Miami Deluxe, which is a fan made crossover between SUPERHOT and Hotline Miami, SHOOTOUT INC. which is another top down fan made game inspidered by SUPERHOT, and so on!

But what if SUPERHOT was a retro game?

Lunar Labs and the user Onihunters aka Sergio Flores (support this guy, he is pretty awesome.)had the nice idea to make a retro-version of SUPERHOT with a Doom/Wolfenstein style, and it’s free to play! Here you can watch some gameplay made by the user TheMetalMan

You run and walk around this map full of enemies, with Doom-like controls, you move with WASD, rotate the camera with the arrows and shoot with space.Like SUPERHOT, the enemies move only when you do, so you have to be careful with your steps and watch out for the bullets trying to catch you.

20170728143045_2 (1).jpg

It’s like a perfect fusion between DOOM and SUPERHOT, there are also the classic keys that you can find in the doom levels, to unlock doors, and some textures (for example the hand) are from DOOM too.There is also this filter that makes you feels like you’re  playing the game on one of those old tv, and i freaking love it. Thanks to this filter, anything looks more retro.

But there are some ploblems, this filter makes bullet a bit hard to see sometimes, since it’s all blurry and bullets are small, that’s why if there is a strong light you can die if you’re unlucky, and you take too much time to see the bullet coming.Another problem i’ve got was the aim, i had some difficulties shooting in this game, because the hand have a strange movement and i don’t understand the line of the bullet.


But we are still talking about a fan made game, and it’s a must-try one! You don’t have nothing to lose, if you have some spare time you should try it to feel the RETRO POWAH of this funny game.

Sorry if this post may be a  bit short than normal, but these free games are mostly short, but still fun to play and try, so i wanted to share with you guys this nice find, so maybe you can play it too!

Heres the download link: RetroHOT by Lunar Labs

Remember also to support the guy behind it, he has an amazing talent with pixel art and he’s doing lot of projects like that one, so follow him! Onihunters

And of course remember that you can follow me too on Twitter, so maybe we can share some tweets together and talk about video games: Explore The Gaming World

See you Space Cowboys.








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