I’m back from vacation and i’m ready to write!(And i need some workout,sigh..)

Hello Space Cowboys.

I’m finally back to action after some vacation for Christmas,New Year’s day and so on.So many celebrations and of course food.Food everywhere.

How are you all?Did you had a nice Christmas or whatever you celebrate?Had some fun?

Living in my city during New Year’s day,looks like being in war.Fireworks and bombs everywhere.It looks like playing Call of duty World at War in Veteran.But it is fun and beautiful to watch all this fireworks with your friends or family.

What about the food?Well this time..it was a lot like always.Do you have a typical food in your city/country?During Christmas or New Year’s day?We eat mostly what we want but for the New Year’s we have ¬†2 typical foods here:

This one is a legume and it’s called “Lenticchie” in Italy.There is a legend about this legume,if you eat few of them after the start of the new year,you’ll will earn moneys during this year.I don’t believe in those things but i like it!And who knows,maybe it gives me some luck

And then we have this one,it’s called “Cotechino”,it is a sort of salame or wurstel,but i really don’t like it,because it is strange.But lot of peoples here eat it during new year’s day,accompanied by the lenticchie


Anyway,i’m so sorry for not being active in this days but i’m gonna explain to you my situation.

My sister lives in another city,in Italy,so we don’t see each other until she gets some vacation from her job.I can see her only during Christmas and New year’s day.That’s why i couldn’t had the time to write something in the blog,Twitter or Creators,because i was with her and my friends everyday,enjoying this little moments together.

During my vacation,i had the time to think a lot about some new fresh ideas and cool posts to write.I writed them all in my little copybook and i’m gonna work hard to write some of them!

For now i’m not gonna spoil you anything,but it is a big post to write and it needs lot of research.While writing it i’m gonna post a new review,few free games to try and a new Indie Jukebox!So hope you’ll stay here.

This is my awesome copybook,where i write all my ideas.Get the reference?

There isn’t much more to say,just a big thank you for the new followers and for the few new comments!I hope you had a beautiful time during this ¬†vacation,and i hope to see you soon with a new post!

See you Space Cowboys


2 thoughts on “I’m back from vacation and i’m ready to write!(And i need some workout,sigh..)

  1. Hi Claudio. Love to eat but not cook. Thank you for wanting to follow my poetry adventures. Like all things Paranormal! UFO’s! Conspiracy theories! Observing this crazy violent society! Writing is my passion that keeps me sane and alive! Great to meet you. #TheFoureyedPoet.

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