APE OUT : Destroy some humans while listening to Jazz!

Hello Space Cowboys.

Before we start i want to apologize with all my readers for not writing anything during this two months, but i had some problems with my computer.Also i wasn’t so inspired to write something.

There are two things that i really love, i’m a huge fan of Hotline Miami, i love that crazy, brutal, fast gameplay and that “clean the room” style in a game.Also, i’m a huge fan of jazz, specially the Bebop genre.And this game has both of them.

I’m talking about APE OUT, a new indie game coming out this summer, made by Gabe Cuzzillo and published by the awesome Devolver Digital.

I’m not gonna compare this game a lot with Hotline Miami because it isn’t even released yet and his gameplay is a bit different to me. In Hotline Miami there is a strategy, you can’t just enter and kill everyone, you have to make your own plan. Instead this game is a crazy experience.

Your character is an ape who escape from a prison and start smashing everyone with an awesome background jazz soundtrack! There is no  detail yet for the story, i don’t even know if the dev will explain it or it’s that kind of game where the story doesn’t matter.


You can simply kill your enemies with your bare hands or you can also grab them and add some color to the walls with their blood.Another thing you can do is grabbing a door and crush the enemies with it.To finish a level you just have to clean the room, like Hotline Miami. After you kill all your enemies the level it’s done!


Right now you can play the Playable Trailer on Steam.I suggest you to do so because it is short but so satisfying.Also it gives you an idea of what the game will be after the release.You can have a look HERE

This post was made just for a suggestion, i’m gonna do more like this one with upcoming games that i like. So maybe we can share together our thoughts about them! You can also suggest me  some games in the comments if you want, i prefer that they have a demo or an alpha, so i can talk a little about them.

I have a sort  of love for Devolver Digital. I always love their games and they never disappoint me, so i hope with this game it will be the same! Also i wish good luck to the developer behind this cool project, i can’t wait to try it and properly talk about it with a full review.

Thanks again for the support and sorry for the long wait. But take this little post as a “respawn” for the blog!

See you Space Cowboys.


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