Indie Review:Pixel Cup Soccer 17!A retro football arcade game!

Hello Space Cowboys.

Today i’m gonna review for the first time ever an Early Access game!

What is an Early Access? It’s a game released on Steam,but still on development.So you buy this game wich isn’t complete yet,to give some tips or help the developers to work more on it!

Today’s game is Pixel Cup Soccer 17 a retro looking arcade football game by BATOVI Games Studio a team from Latin America!

A little story about it

Pixel Cup Soccer takes inspiration by the old arcade football games,it was made by a team of guys with a passion for football,that’s why you can see the effort and the passion behind this project.They wanted to recreate the perfect arcade soccer game and they’re working hard to make this happen.

They started in 2010 during the South Africa World cup,by developing a first prototype of the game with a surpring downloads number!

So they made a second one for IOS,Android and Pc.The players liked the game but they wanted more content and more things to do,that’s why they started developing the new Pixel Cup Soccer 17,to create a better and bigger game,released in August!


Pixel Cup Soccer 17 it’s a pure arcade football game with a fast and addictive gameplay,with tons of teams,stadiums and cups to win.The gameplay was pretty fluid and easy to play with.The controls are really intuitive and even a guy who never played a footbal game can easily enjoy them!You just have to press 2 buttons,one for the passes and one for the shoots,but you have 2 differents ways to do both of them:

If you keep pressing the shooting button,you will start a power shot.

instead if you keep pressing the pass button you can do crosses or lob passes,to hit some acrobatics goals in mid-air!

You can also drible your opponent during your run,there are no skills animations right now but your character can also dodge a tackle by jumping over it.

What about the defence?As i said,you can perform a tackle to stole the ball from the opponent,or you can win a duel in mid-air during crosses.

Now let’s focus in the i.a of the players!

giphy (1).gif
Awesome action!
Is it hard?I think it is,but there are some problems who needs to be improved,for example the reactions of the keepers.

If you hit a power shot,the keepers are invincible.It is so hard to score a power shot inside the area,also it takes so long to charge,it’s almost impossible to complete the charging before they stole your ball,specially if you play in hard mode.

The power shots should be improved,maybe made them more faster or by adding the possibility to stop them and do a drible or a fake shot skill.

In the other side,if you shoot with a normal shoot,the keeper reactions are slow and strange.If you make,for example,a lob shot with the right power,everytime’s a goal!The keeper gets confused by it,specially if you shoot from the corner area of the field.He is like:-“i’m gonna take this ball,i’m so close and ready to do it.”And..the ball it’s in.

Another thing that i would love to see improved is the midfield area.There are no midfielders trying to stop you,in few seconds you’re already in the opponent’s area.

But the devs are already working hard on it,to improve the reactions and some gameplay aspects!

Here you can see the bad i.a during lob shots
There are a total of 3 different modes:
  • Competitions
  • Friendly Matches
  • Penalty Kicks

The competion mode is the main mode of the game,you can choose one of 8 cups and start playing little tournaments to become a champion,with your favourite team!

Apart from the classic cups like the Euro and the World Cup,there is also a women’s cup,and the pixel league/tournament wich has some club teams!

it is a very funny mode to play with,also winning the world cup with a low stars team could be a huge achievement!Because it’s the only way your national team could win a cup. (Just kidding..maybe >:D)

Friendly matches are just normal matches,you choose two teams,your favourites settings,and start playing!You can also play against a friend,with a local co-op.

Still there is no online yet,but the devs are working on it too!Right now they are porting the game on Unity,so they could work better.

Imagine how cool could be an online mode for this game!

The penalty kicks well..are penalty kicks.But they should be improved as well,some shoots are impossible to catch with the keeper.

There are also few challenges,but they are a bit useless right now.

Poor guy.
Poor guy.

A career mode could be a nice addition to this game,by adding a fatigue system,substitutions and club teams.But for now,i’m pretty happy with the gameplay and the game modes,apart from the i.a that should be improved,it is so fluid and fun for an early access game.Hope to see it implemented!

Graphic and Soundtrack

Pixel Cup Soccer 17 has a colorful pixel art graphic style like the old football arcade games!The animations are really funny and well made,i loved the faces of the players while missing a penalty or after a goal.

Talking about the stadiums,they are awesome!There are a lot of stadiums and fields to play in,also the audience is a particular one,i loved that. You can find some famous characters in the crowd like Freddie Mercury,Alien,Stan Lee and so on!

Another thing i really liked were the rain effect and the wind,but i think they should add an option to make the weather random.

What about the celebrations and the camera?In my opinion they should improve the camera by zooming it out a bit or let the player have his own camera angle,by adding a camera editor,so you could save your best replays.

Instead talking about the celebrations,i didn’t liked them,because there is only one celebration,they should add more way to celebrate or special celebrations for certain players.

Take a closer look at the crowd!
Take a closer look at the crowd!

What about the teams?Players and kits?They should add more details on them,the kits are same looking apart from the colors,same thing with the players.They are all the same apart from the skin and hair color.

They should add an editor for the players,to give you the possibility to change them a little,change the names,the hairstyle,the faces and so on,to make it more various and good looking.They should add also some details in the kits like numbers on the shirts or some logos/flags.

Another thing that i would love to see is a special cutscene during the final match for a cup,to make it more special then the others.

Talking about the soundtracks,there isn’t much to say.There is one main song and one before the start of a match,in my opinion the game needs some new soundtracks.Instead the sound effects were really well made!I loved the chants and the retro sound effects like the slide or the shoot.


There are a total of 85 achievements to unlock! A lot!

The problem is that the 100% completition right now it’s impossible because there is one achievement bugged (Competition Master)

They are easy to unlock,some of them a bit grindy,but with some patient you can get an easy 100%,if they solve the problem with the bugged achievement

Get Rekt

Lose 50 matches
                                                             Lose 50 matches

Description:This is one of the hardest achievement,because you have to grind a lot and start losing 50 matches.My suggestion is playing small matches of 1 minute longer,that way is more faster to get!


Save 50 penalty kicks
                                                         Save 50 penalty kicks

Description:Another complicated achievement is this one.Saving 50 penalty kicks could be a pain because some shots are impossible to get,as i said before,so you have to wait the right shots,like the lob shots,to get them.


Block a shot with a scorpion kick
                                                 Block a shot with a scorpion kick

Description:This achievement is completely random.Your keeper must save a ball with a scorpion kick,i didn’t had the luck to get it.My suggestion is also do lob shots in your own goal.

Competition Master

Win every competition
                                                          Win every competition

Description:This one is the hardest,because as i said already it is bugged right now.I don’t know if some guys had the luck to get it,or they have just cheated,but you can try!You just have to win all the cups


Some achievements are grindy ones but it is very easy to complete this game,the only thing is that you have to wait the Competion Master achievement to get fixed!

Final Vote with Pros and Cons


  • A funny and easy gameplay
  • Fluid controls
  • Lot of stadiums and teams
  • Lot of cups to win
  • Devs care about improving the game


  • I.A needs an improvement
  • Lack of details for players and teams
  • Needs a new interesting mode
  • Just one animation for celebrations

This game was a really funny experience,i didn’t had some fun with a football game from a long time!The gameplay is fluid,lot of stadiums and teams,but it sure needs some improvements.Starting from the i.a,the lack of details on teams and kits,and it sure needs some new modes.But for now,for an early access game,it is pretty cool.You can have some hours of fun,also the developers are working hard to improve the game by adding new features like an online mode and by improving the i.a of the players!

Thank you very much for reading this review!

I’m gonna post something before christmas,like a compilation of christmas games to play!

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See you Space Cowboys.

10 thoughts on “Indie Review:Pixel Cup Soccer 17!A retro football arcade game!

  1. I had no idea that Freddie and Stan Lee were football fans hehe. This game looks cool. I almost bought the iPad version a few months ago.

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  2. I just bought this on Steam because of your review.Game looks fun and hopefully they’ll add more features in the future and fix some of the issues.

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