Halloweekend!Story of a scared player

Hello everyone.Halloween is the most creepy celebration during the year,everyone celebrate it in a special way.There are people who watch some scary movies,peoples who dress in the street like monsters also  people who play horror games during the night.I like horror games because they are immersive,with a spooky atmosphere,but there is a problem,i’m a coward.At the first jumpscare,i quit the game and go doing something else.

I don’t have the patienceand the force to continue it after the jumpscares.So i’ve done something particular,i started a sort of diary and played some horror games during the Halloween weekend,each night.And i started writing my feelings and my thoughts about this experience and this games!

So this is maybe an evolution?A scary player become more brave? Let’s find out,and hope you will  like this little adventure!


What is the best game to start for a coward like me? Of course,a game with lot of jump scares and a killer clown!Play With Me was the first game i played during this halloween weekend,it’s an horror game developed by  C6H8O7.

The object of the game is finding all the candles,get the key,and exit the house.While looking for this candles,you’re chased by a tall and scary clown,who keeps following you and scare you.You can’t defend yourself,the only way to not get killed is never look at those big and scary eyes.If you look at the eyes,i think 5 times,he will kill you.

That smile.

The atmphoshere of the game caught me really fast because i played it during night.The clown was so fast and active!He started following me and appear everywhere,it was so hard to not get caught by him.He started run in the corridor,climb in the walls,climb outside the window,he was everywhere!So at first it was hard for me,because i keep dying and get scared by this clown,until i found the weakness of the game.


I was broken already after some deaths,because i didn’t know what to do to win,until i said to myself “what if i look only down?”.That’s what i do.I started walking in the house and looking only at the floor,because i knew all the positions of the candles.He keeps scared me by running everywhere,teleporting to me and other things but i didn’t get caught!

So after i took all the candles i didn’t know what to do next,until i found a key in the bedroom.I picked  up the key and started running in the front door that was closed before, and then…i was stuck.

My character was stuck for no reason and i couldn’t go any  further,i turned around and a glowing red light was coming to me,really slowly..and BAM the clown caught me.It scared the crap out of me and i was really sad because i didn’t know what i’ve done wrong.

But after a bit.. the credits started!Yes i beat it!I was so happy because it was the first game of this marathon,it was a short and easy game but a scary experience to try.And of course,i really hate clowns.Fuck you clowns.



After a really scary clown,i was already broken.But i wanted to do more than a game every night,so i picked up another “horror” game and it was Such Scary 2016,developed by LaserManiac.I was really curious about this one,because games with “meme names” like that are always fun and weird,and it could have been also very scary.


The object of the game is pretty simple,there are a total of 12 rooms,in each of those rooms there is a stone and a portal.Also at the beginning of the game,the game tells you there is an easter egg in each room!Your object is to find the stone and take it to the portal to complete the room and,if you want,find out what the easter egg is.A pretty simple gameplay but i thought it could’ve been fun so i started playing it!

At first i was a bit scared,because you start the game in those big,empty and dark rooms with a dangerous look,and you start having some fear because you’re ready for some monsters and jumpscares to pop out!So you walk really slow and you start completing those rooms,and in the room 3 something happen,a big noise near a wall! It scared me a bit because i started looking everywhere to see if there was some kind of monster or a terrible creature ready to eat me,but it was just an easter egg.One thing i loved was how the developer communicate with the player by using those clipboard on the table,those clipboards were really useful to complete some puzzles,so i would sugget to you to read them,to have some fun and advice!


Talking about the easter eggs,i really liked them.They are fun and well hidden,also it was a good reason,to me,to explore more those rooms and fight the fear.I find a picture about The Rock,the Minecraft pixeaxe,the cake of Portal,very cool references!

That was my favourite easter egg!

I really liked the puzzles,some of them were hard to understand and i had to think more!For example,i really liked the Vhs puzzle and the “labyrinth” one,but i’m not gonna spoil you the solutions!About the fear,after a while, i realized that the game wasn’t an horror game like i thought,but just a puzzle game with some dark elements and a funny twist.After that scary clown game i needed something simple to play,to relax a bit.Sometimes you get a bit scared with some random breathings or the SANIC easter egg (room7) wich caused a little heart attack to me,because it was so loud,but in the end,it was a simple and short game.If you like puzzles games and you want to try also something fun you should take a look at this one!Nice puzzles,funny easter egg,and a funny developer,but definetely not an horror game.



Play with me terrified me a lot during  the beginning,but after the third playtrough,the game wasn’t scary anymore,also it was really easy to complete and Such Scary 2016 wasn’t even an horror game,but it was for sure fun!So after some good  coffee,i started looking for another game,maybe a particular one.

After some research for the second game to play,i found out a game called Damned,created by Nick Zangus,an italian developer.The first thing that caught me was the art style of the game,i was intrigued by that “comic” art style,it reminded me a lot of Don’t Starve,another fantastic indie game.This one was a different experience,because in this game,i was  the monster!You have to chase girls,little creatures and brutally murder them.It was disturbed and different so i had to try it.

Poor little rabbit..

I started the game in this dark and large forest,i was the monster who needed  to eat everything on his way to survive.The first thing i had to murder was a little and cute rabbit during the tutorial,after killing it ,the narrator let me know that i had a special ability,i can now feel the heat of a body.By pressing the right mouse button,i could see the heat of a body,so i could catch and find my next victims.After some animals,i started chasing next some scared little girls,you have to find them and kill them,like the brutal monster you are.

Like a perfect Predator

I started killing EVERYTHING to satisfy my monster’s hunger,also i wanted to know really bad what comes next,because isn’t just this the  game,right?But that’s the sad part,after you kill every victim and fill your bloody monster’s stomach,the game ends,without any cutscene,any ending and nothing.I expected something more,because i started liking the idea of this game but it was  just this,kill everything,while feeling guilty,and nothig more.A little disappointment,but at least it was a different experience to try,but i would love to have an ending or something,after all this bloody kills.

I’m feeling so bad about this.


After that short but interesting game,i wanted to play a scarier one.I started looking for another game,while eating some crackers,and i found out this “”fun”” game called The Night That Speaks,developed by Adamgryu.I was fascinated about the art style,because it reminded me an old Gameboy game,with his colors pattern and also because the way you defend yourself was  pretty fun,but i’m gonna explain it soon!So i picked up the game,i was pumped and i started to play.


I started the game in a graveyard,one thing i hated was the camera because you can’t rotate it with your mouse,but it is automatic and pretty annoying to me.When i entered on this house,i found out what my supreme weapon to defend myself was,the  almighty middle finger!It was a really funny and unique idea,i really liked it.So i started go around in this big labyrinth,finding some notes about a girl,until the monsters shows up!I picked up the almighty middle finger to defend myself and i could manage to survive or at least until the second note.When i picked up the second note,while reading it,a big face appear and scared me a LOT…I was dead,and i had my very first ragequit during this marathon.

The Almighty middle finger

In the second playthrough i started getting really confused by the colors,the labyrinth and also the camera.I started going in circle,trying to figure out  what to do before getting killed.The monsters keeps chasing me everywhere while i still had to understand what to do,and i started feeling the pressure of the game!And after a bit..i died again.

It was for sure really scary,but i had some hard times  playing it because of the colors and all the labyrinth thing,that’s why i had to leave this game.I was really sorry because i started liking it,the problem was that i didn’t understand nothing about it.Maybe because i keep dying,that’s why i couldn’t relax a bit and figure out what to do.A really bad ending for the second day.




Here we are,the night of Halloween is rising!Michael Jackson dance with the zombies,Jason is ready to kick some teenagers ass,Freddy Krueger helps people to sleep well,but..what about me?I’m here in my room,trying to start the last day of this little marathon by choosing a good horror game to close this post,but first i had something to try out!After the bad day i had yesterday,i was so pumped and i wanted to redeem myself after a bad defeat.

The first game i downloaded was Calm Time,made by GoosEntertainment.Like in Damned,in that game you’re the bad guy and the killer,but this time you’re not a monster,but a human.


That game was more strong and violent than Damned,also more scarier!I started the game in my beautiful and little cottage,my character loved the quiet and the peace of this place,but he also defines it as a prison.I’m having a nice party,talking with some of the guests and going to help in the kitchen with the meal,than the girl ask me if i could pass her the knife.

Cattura di schermata (3).png

You know what happaned next,don’t you?The only way to exit this room was by stabbing her behind.After i stabbed her,a guy saw me and after screaming about the murder,everyone starting escape,so my goal was killing all the guests by stabbing them one by one.Before doing this,i had to turn off all the lights and here comes the horror part.After i go down in the basement to turn of the generator,i found a death girl trapped in chains and that  was already creepy but after i turn off the generator,her ghost shows up and it scared me a lot.She was in the middle of the room,staring at me and i didn’t know what to do,so i stabbed her and she disappeared again.

Cattura di schermata (9).png
Please don’t kill me

So i go up to the stairs again,and i started chasing all the guests.The first one  i found was the litte boy.It was a bit sad killing him with a knife but i had to do that.After stabbed him she appears again,and scared the crap out of me for the second time.She appears everytime you stab someone,or in a random situation to scare you and let you feeling guilty about what you’re doing.So after i stabbed her AGAIN,my search for more victims continue could continue.You don’t have only the house where you can find them,but you can also go outside.There is a huge garden where they hide.

Cattura di schermata (10).png
I’m so sorry cwc

After killing the poor little boy,i keep trying to kill the other guests but they were really fast!So it tooks me a bit to kill them,while doing that,the ghost of the girl keep scaring me.After i killed everyone in the house,i started looking for the peoples outside,the problem of the ghost is that she appears while you stab someone,so she takes the hit and the guest run away,that’s why it was so hard catching them and killing them,because the character was slow,like a snail!

Cattura di schermata (5).png
I’m gonna murder you all!

After some time,i just needed to kill the last guess,the blonde girl.keep looking to see where the hell she was because the house was pretty big and character so slow!Then i found her,she was hidden in a little house outside in the garden,i stabber her and then..game over.Like Damned,there is no ending,he explain again that he loves peace,his house looks like a prison and then it’s just over.Who was that girl? Why we’re killing everyone? I don’t understand why they don’t do a little plot,it could just improve the game more,instead of a game over like this one.But anyway,it was a really brutal experience,you can feel it when you stab someone and it’s pretty sad doing it,like Damned,pretty cool and short game,but more scarier thanks to the girl’s ghost.


Now i’m ready for the last game,this one was really scary,it destroyed me.Of course i’m not an horror game’s player,so maybe,for you, isn’t that scary.

The game i’m talking about is Nox Timore,an horror game developed by Vidas Šalavėjus.There are many games about this Timore,i don’t know if they’re connected  or not,but i picked up the first one i found and i start playing it!A little curiosity,Timore in italians mean “Fear”.

I started in this dark room,looking for some items or anything,but the room was just empty,so i go out and here my worst enemy ever make his debut,thedark and long corridor.For a guy like me who gets scared pretty easy with this games,a dark and long corridor it’s something really hard to pass.But it was the last game so i had to sacrifice myself!I bring up some courage and i passed the corridor,after doing that,there was another room,i entered it and empty again!So what i had to do?After leaving the room,i found him.


Well a perfect start i think.A scary thing out of the door who keeps looking at me,i was so scared because i expect a jumpscare or someting like that.With some little steps,i opened the door and he was stuck.They are like  mannequins with a creepy smile and a  face.While going back in the room where i started,he keeps looking at me in the corridor,and it was scared as hell!I entered again  in the room i started my adventure, searching for something, but nothing again.After i leaved the room,he was here again,following me by changing his position!it scared me a lot but i had to go forward so i made it trhough the corridor again,to enter in the other room,and FINALLY i found out a note saying “I’m glad you’re here”,well good for you because i’m not,and after  i picked up the note,he was behind me!I jumped out and i started suffering with this game.

While going forward,there was others mannequins smiling at me with their creepy faces,i had to pass another big dark corridor,and got another note saying “again (i think it’s because this game is a sequel)and then something terrible happened,they are all behind me,everywhere.It was so creepy that i almost ragequitted the game,but there was no saves and it was the last game of this marathon so i couldn’t do that.


Keep going forward,other mannequins,other dark corridors and other notes.The game was a bit repetitive with the map,it was a pretty boring environment,i didn’t liked that.After other corridors and dark room,i found  a big tall monster.I was behind him,i didn’t know what to do,i think with myself “should i touch him or what?”,well i did it and of course it was a terrible decision,but i had to go forward to beat the game.

He looks like a creepy version of the Domo Kun

My heart keeps beating really fast.I was so exhausted.But i had to  go forward and complete this game.After the big scare, i’ve got another big jumpscare.A white face shows up in the corridor and go right into my screen,screaming at me,thank you game.Still other dark corridors,other mannequins,other notes.That game was pretty repetitive compared to the other ones  i played before,yes it is very scary but still a repetive game filled with jumpscares everywhere.

But finally something different happened,i had to find a key to open a door.At least something different to do.After exploring a library and a toilet,i found it!After going back to open the door,he scary version of Domo Kun running right in the screen,again,My heart died.

I opened the locked door,i keep collecting all the notes that guides me into other dark rooms.I entered in that room,it was very dark and..BOM.A face shows up right into the screen with a loud noise,flames everywhere,mannequins, and a plague doctor.Oh my god helpe mee.But the game was finally over.I was so happy about it because it destroyed me,it was the scarier one on this marathon i played and it is just one of the Timore series.My heart finally can have some peace,and also,i started feeling really proud of myself!

What a mess.

That game was pretty scary but as i said,it was pretty repetitive and boring.But he do his job pretty well,because for an horror game,it’s really scary.Someday i think i’m gonna play other Timore’sgames,to do a big post about this series of horror games,but i hope they’re more particular than this one.And hope to do it another time,i had enough horror games this week.


This Halloween marathon is finally over!I was so scared,i had some fun and i found some big courage while beating some of this games,so it was a nice but scaring experience to me.

I’m really sorry if the games are few or if the post comes out only now,but i had some problems with the time.I started doing an Halloween week marathon but i had to cut lot of things,because i didn’t had the right time to complete all the games and talk about them.Also sorry in advance if there are some errors with the grammar,but it was so long to write and i’m not english,as most of you already know,so take it as a story and not as an article,written just for fun!


I edited the post and corrected all the errors!Sorry to the guys who read it before i could have fixed all the errors,next time i will wait more and take a closed look to find out the problems,before releasing it.But as i said,i didn’t had the time to do that.Thank you for your patience!

Thank you very much for reading,also thanks to the new followers and the good comments in the last article about the DLCS.Hope you had a terrifying and sweet Halloween!

See you space cowboys.

10 thoughts on “Halloweekend!Story of a scared player

  1. I edited the post and corrected all the errors!Sorry to the guys who read it before i could have fixed all the errors,next time i will wait more and take a closed look to find out the problems,before releasing it.But as i said,i didn’t had the time to do that.Thank you for your patience!


  2. You are truly brave. I only ever tried one horror game and it was Among the Sleep. My boyfriend and I turned out all the lights and scared ourselves silly. I put it down and never plan on finishing it.

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      1. Yes, that’s the one! I found it really unsettling to be honest. In the beginning, there’s a nice buildup to what comes later on. I think it’s the whole concept of being a little kid up against something so dark and evil.

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