A little vacation

Hey everyone!I’m really sorry for not posting anything lately,but my sister came home in this days so we are in a little vacation for a while.I see her just 2 months in a year so it’s a special event everytime,that’s why i couldn’t find the time to write something.

So in this days i’m enjoying the beach,trying to not get burn because i’m pale like a mozzarella ahhahaha.Catching Pokèmons and have some good times with my friends and my sister.

I’m gonna come back in 21th August with a new review and some new posts! Sorry for the long waiting.

I’m active on Twitter so feel free to share some tweets with me if you want! Or follow me.

Also you can enter my group on Steam if you want:

Nothing more to say for now!Thank you very much for the support,for the followers and everything.You can catch me on twitter if you want and of course hope you will have a beautiful vacaton too.

See you space cowboys.



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