Games of the day! The best freeware games and demo you should try #2

Hello everyone! This is the second post about the Games of the day,today i’m gonna show  you 4 games you should try in my opinion.So let’s get started,hope you will enjoy the games and if you do give some help to the developers by supporting them!

1# A Date in the Park. By Cloak and Dagger Games  

That game was a big surprise for me.When i started playing it,i thought it was a normal point and click adventure.You’re a guy named Lou,moved to Portugal,during a night in a bar you find this beautiful girl named Catarina,after some talks you decide to meet each other in the next day in her favourite park.The next morning you arrive in the park,ready for the best date of your life but you can’t find her,so you have to do some tasks to see where she goes. I won’t spoil you anything,it is a quite short game so don’t read any reviews,just play the game and enjoy the mystery behind it.


2# Hello:Talking Simulator. By sadmoth


This is a really interesting concept for a game.It is a choice based game,to answer the questions on the wall you have to enter in the room near the answer you want to choose.You wake up in this strange place,and you found out it’s a job interview.The interviewer will start asking you questions and judging you,so prepare for a really strange experience.It’s still a demo but in my opinion you should try it,reminds me a bit of  Stanley Parable.Hope to see this game in future with lot of choices and endings and also a story.If you try the game let the devs knows what you think, Benjo Durbin,Chey Webb,to help them with some suggestions or just to share your thoughts about the game.


3# Sex Drive. By John Axon,Marion Equian,Stephane Goulet and Julian Spillane

Sex Drive is a little game made for the ToJam 10,a free event where the devs have to make a game in 3 days! You’re a fruit,a pervert one,while driving you have to fill the “juice” bar by answering the hot texts and   keep looking  at some nude fruit pics.While doing that,you have to stay focus  on the road,because if you hit someone your juice bar will drop,after the bar is empy you will lose.A casual fun game filled with humour and nude pics! What are you waiting for?


4# Dragon Bros. By Space Lizard Studio

That game was awesome! I had so much fun playing it,it is a Run & Gun game with a fantastic art style,lot of enemies,lot of weapons and a frenetic soundtrack that suits perfect the fast gameplay.The object of the game is saving your mom from an evil robotic society,by destroying robots and bosses.A classic hard,fast,fun  game like Metal Slug or Megaman,it support also a co-op mode  so you can have some fun with a friend.Still a demo but it was greenlighted already so you will find it soon on steam!If you want before buying it,try the demo to have some fun. And support the developers with some love.


Nothing more for today! But i’m gonna suggest more games soon so stay tuned.If you liked the games on this list give some support and nice comments for the devs,for the good work.And if you want,feel free to comment and suggest some games to try for the next Games of the day!

These are my favourites sites for free games if you want to try some:

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See you space cowboys.


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