Indie Review:Bulb Boy!A cute and spooky horror adventure!

Hello everyone!Today i’m gonna review a fantastic game called Bulb Boy  developed by the indie game studio Bulbware!It was a short but great experience,creepy but at the same time fun and cute to play.


You play as Bulb Boy! A cute little boy with a bulb for his head,accompanied by  his grandfather and his flying dog! While you’re sleeping happy in your bed,a terrible plague hit your house and start mutating all the things,from the chicken,to your own grandpa.You wake up in a mess and your object is finding your grandpa and your dog to help them against the evil monsters,in this little spooky adventure!

Our little hero!


Bulb Boy is a point and click adventure game with a creepy atmosphere and horror elements.The goal of the game is saving your family by the evil monsters,and to do that you have to complete little tasks during your journey in this weird and spooky house.The character can use his head in a useful way,he can light a room or you can remove the head from the body to do multiple things at the same time,for example you can hide your head in a cabinet and run headless from  monsters so he can’t find you anymore in the dark.Talking about the monsters,they are really dangerous,they really want to kill you so bad.You have to hide and run or you will get smashed like a bulb! (i know i’m terrible with jokes).To beat them like almost all the point and click adventures ,you have to complete some objects.I don’t think the game have something bad,the only little problems in my opinion are  the longevity because  it is  too short and the commands,they  were too sensitive,in some parts like the teeth part,i had some  hard time because the click was too sensitive and the character goes too much forward. There are also lot of refence and some little easter eggs so watch out and explore all the rooms!Instead talking about achievements,if you’re a completionist the game is pretty easy  for a 100%.There are a total of 12 Achievements,5 of them are story-related ,for the other ones you have to explore the rooms.If you need some help read this nice Guide.

In my opinion the hardest is this one. So watch out and do it with calm and patience

 All Faces Of Death:You have to die in every possible way.


Graphic and Soundtrack:

Talking about the art style,is the one that convinced me to try the game. I loved that cartoonish graphic,everything is really strange and special in this game thanks for the beautiful drawings and the creepy well done atmosphere.Also the soundtrack helps a lot because it suits perfect the game style,with creepy sounds and awesome tracks.I suggest to play it with your headset to feel the loneliness and the anxiety during your adventure.


Final comment with Pros and Cons:


  • Beautiful art style and immersive atmosphere
  • Enjoyable gameplay
  • Very nice sound effects
  • Fun and creepy at the same time


  • Too short
  • A bit  sensitive with the movements

That game was a fantastic experience to try,the puzzles were enjoyable and not too complex.It was fun,creepy and i really loved the characters in the game,also  the idea of the bulb was particular and original for a point and click adventure.It was a bit short but still a good indie game.Hope to see a sequel in future or another game by this talented guys,and of course if you haven’t already,try it! You will have lot of fun.

Thanks everyone for reading,hope you liked the review and sorry if i didn’t posted anything during  this week but i was sick,so it was hard to find some time to write a new post.Of course i’m not a professional reviewer but just a guy with a passsion for videogames!

See you space cowboys.


2 thoughts on “Indie Review:Bulb Boy!A cute and spooky horror adventure!

  1. This looks pretty cool- haven’t heard of it before. I’ll have to check it out!

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