Achievement Hunting! The most fun games to beat #1

Hello everyone! Today i’m gonna talk about a little idea for the blog,for achievement hunters!I am an achievement hunter,i love the feel after you have got all the achievements and get a perfect,it is really satisfying. That’s why i’m gonna share sometimes, games really fun for a 100%!So here comes the game of the day.

My favourite one for achievement hunting was Hotline Miami  by Dennaton Games and published by Devolver Digital.

I don’t think there is much to say,it is one of the most popular indie game.One of my favourite and also my first game on Steam.With is weird atmosphere,the frenetic and violent gameplay,it is a really awesome game to beat.This  are the most tricky achievements to get:

Always On Top

Perform every ground kill in the game

If you need some help in this one check out this guide!

It contain all the weapons list so you can see if you miss some of them.

Plain Luck

Kill three or more enemies with the same brick in one throw

This one is a little bit tricky unless like me you have luck and get it random.

If you need some help check out this video!

 Get A Life

Get A+ on all the chapters

Well nothing to say on that one,i think you just need lot of pratice and try,you can always take a look at this guide for some help but i think the best option is keep trying!

Achievement Whore

Unlock all achievements



It was hard but not impossible to get a 100% in this one,watch out  for the Plain Luck achievement because there are lot of weapons and you can be confused,so i suggest to you to write in a notepad the weapons you already used for a ground kill,so you don’t get  crazy like me.

If you still need some help,take a visit at the Steam Guides made by the users!

Hope you like this idea!Feel free to share your favourite 100% games and of course thanks for reading! Happy hunting and good luck beating this one.

See you space cowboy.


10 thoughts on “Achievement Hunting! The most fun games to beat #1

  1. This sounds like it’ll be a wonderful series. Do you do any retro gaming? If you don’t know already, there’s a great site that adds achievements to retro games for an all-new take on games you might have played a million times.


      1. It’s … it uses emulation, so you download their emulators and find your own ROMs. They have their emulators programmed so that when you reach certain goals, an achievement pops. It’s a lot of fun!

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      2. I’m so glad you’re enjoying it! When I first found out about it, I spent two entire days playing. My boyfriend bought me an NES USB controller to make the gaming experience even more “authentic”. I hope you don’t mind me adding you as a friend there.

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      3. Oh, I should also mention hardcore mode: it gives you double the points for each achievement with the stipulation that you aren’t allowed to play with save states. You can find that in one of the menus of the emulator and select it. I beat a whole bunch of games without save states and never knew hardcore mode existed, so it was a bitter day going back to get all those achievements again for double the points.

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