What is the meaning of gamer?

You’re not a gamer if you haven’t play this game. You’re not a gamer if you play Fifa. You’re not a gamer if you don’t play super unknow games.You’re not a gamer if you don’t like what i do like.So my question is,what is the meaning of gamer?

I thought it was really simple,you play videogames? Then,you’re a gamer.Instead there are people who takes it in ย a different way.I remember years ago that it worked like this. “I don’t like this game,i’m not gonna buy it” and now is like this “I don’t like this game,fuck you because you play it,i’m gonna complain everywhere saying the game suck”.I saw today a guy complain by saying that who play fifa isn’t a gamer,that’s why i was wondering what is the meaning of this word anymore? It’s like a title? Something to be proud? I have to study to be a gamer? As you can see from my blog,i have a passion for indie games,i like to support them,play them and try something new but in the afternoon sometimes i play Fifa online just to have some fun. Oh my gosh what a tragedy,you’re not a real gamer,how dare you? People like this nowdays are the weak point of a beautiful passion like this one,why not sharing what you think of the game instead of judging?If you don’t like a game don’t buy it.It’s a so simple thing and yet so hard for some people ,sometimes you can see in a post ย wars to decree who is better than the other,who has the best console,who play the best games..It’s like a fight to get the “gamer” title.A videogame for me is an experience,something new to try,a new world to explore,but still it’s just a game.Every console have their best games,there are people who like consoles,people who likes pc,people who like this and that.We are different,but you don’t have to be a gamer to have some respect for the other people tastes .Stop complaining like a child,be happy to have your favourite game ready to play,and always explore new worlds with this beautiful passion. Don’t ruin it with stupid wars,that’s what a gamer is for me.

Just a guy with a passion for videogames

And for you what is the meaning of “gamer” ? Let me know in the comments! And of course thanks everyone for reading my little thought about this situation.Have fun with your games,no matter what!


See you space cowboys.ย 


17 thoughts on “What is the meaning of gamer?

  1. I agree! Anyone who enjoys playing video games, to me, is a gamer. But apparently that’s not the case for some people. Like there’s this special club that only some can be a part of, if they fit the right criteria. Ridiculous!
    Just do what you love, play what you love ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. I love your enthusiasm, I really do, the way you write is great. And I also agree that everyone is a gamer, whether they play for fun or aspire to heroic deeds in terms of achievments, speed or whatever.

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  3. A lot of idiotic snobbery has emerged with the rise of video games over the last 30 years. Anyone with intelligence doesn’t indulge in it as it’s vacuous beyond belief. It actually embarrasses me to the point I don’t like admitting I’ve been a gamer for 25+ years. You announce that and people envisage imbeciles raging with fury about whether Fifa ’16 or Fifa ’15 had the best graphics. It’s pathetic.

    Unfortunately, it’s only set to continue. However, there is clearly a rational sect of gamers who appreciate all video games and remain eager to experience everything, whether it’s the upcoming Zelda or the latest innovative indie masterpiece. Good for you, if that’s you.

    Oh yes, also… XBONE SUX!!! LOL! NOOBS!!!! LOL! LOL!

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  4. Mind you, having stated that, I am very much anti-FPS as I feel the genre has flooded the market and is largely detrimental to the image of gaming. So… I guess that makes me a bit elitist. Shame on me.


  5. I do not agree with everyone being a gamer. There’s Gamers and there’s players. Being a player is a trend nowadays that everyone want to join in on. Gamers is something more than the casual kids that think they’re Gamers when they only pick up COD and sticks with it. Being a Gamer is a lifestyle, something you just doesn’t become just to belong with the rest of the sheep. Being a Gamer is playing games, caring about it, talking about it, knowing what you’re talking about and loving it. You aren’t a Gamer just because you tell yourself that. People always need to steal words just because society tells them that they need to belong.


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