Indie Review:DLC Quest.Nothing a little DLC can’t solve.

Hello everyone! Can  you imagine working hard,buying the game you want for a huge price..and then what???Half of the content will be separated from the game and it will costs you around 100$ to get a full game,by buying all this dlc everywhere. Or instead you can stay with your half,poor and less cool version of the game  and cry by watching all the kids having more quests,weapons and stories than you. That’s the reason why DLC QUEST was made,to mocks the big companies who works this way,with a satiric platform game made by Going Loud Studios.

DLC QUEST  is a 2D satiric platform game,you start with a cutscene.Oh no the bad guy kidnapped your princess (clichè) so you’re ready,angry,with a frenetic soundtrack and a giant text who says MOTIVATION.And then a funny blue square appear with some bad news.


So you start your adventure and ..what in the world is happening??You can’t walk left,you can’t jump,there is no soundtrack and no sound in general.After walking a bit you found the Shopkeep,a guy who  sells to you all the dlc you need to repair your game, for some money of course.

Gameplay:In Dlc Quest as the title suggest,you have to buy all the dlc  to win the game,so you have to collect all the money in your way and complete some quest to keep buying dlc.That will unlock some features such  jumping,a sword,armor for your horse,wall jumping,updates for  the almost everything.With a lot of satirical message and humor,you will love the simple gameplay mechanics of this game.Because it’s a basic platform game,nothing special  about  the action section,but still the idea behind it,makes the game awesome and unique.Talking about bad things,the game is pretty short but for the  price i think it’s fair enough because it’s just 2,99€.Also you can buy it during steam sales for 0,99€ or less.Other than that,you can play another bonus level after completing the game called “Live freemium or die”,pretty fun bonus level to play!


Graphic and Sound: About the graphics as you can see,it’s really simplistic,a 2d cartoonish graphic with fun drawing,i love how the characters were made,the art style let the game be more fun with  funny characters and animals.About the soundtrack,it feels like you’re playing an 8bit era game,they are awesome and they suits perfect with the game style.

Final comment with Pro and Cons.


  • Lot of humour and satiric jokes
  • A nice idea
  • Cool retro style soundtracks
  • Cheap price


  •      Nothing.

I was going to complain a bit about the longevity of the game,because it is a bit short but in my opinion,the price is really cheap so it’s ok.

That was my little review about DLC QUEST!A really funny,sarcastic,satiric and evil platform game to try,who sends in a funny way a message to the big companies,who  abuse the dlc system by release lot of dlc for anything.

Thanks everyone for reading,i’m not a professional reviewer but just a guy with a passion for videogames!

See you space cowboys.







7 thoughts on “Indie Review:DLC Quest.Nothing a little DLC can’t solve.

  1. I quite like this game too. It was something of a love letter to collect-a-thons from years ago. I think the satire was a bit lost due to you spending coins you’d collected rather than real money. Perhaps if the game had been free to play and you had to spend real money for the packs (a penny each, totaling no more than a dollar for the full game experience) might have hit home really well. Just my thought on it anyway.

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  2. Just stumbled upon this article – this game looks pretty neat! It reminds me of a game I saw a while back where, as you played through the game, you unlocked improvements to the engine, ex. better graphics, audio, stuff like that.

    OK – I just had to look it up. It’s called Evoland! $10 on Steam but looks pretty neat. Anyway, cool review man 🙂

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