Games of the day! The best freeware games and demo that you should try #1

Hello everyone! I want to do something different between the reviews,i’m gonna recommending some free games up to grab!I know, this kind of article couldn’t be the first one you can find on the net but i hope you will enjoy it and have fun with this little games!And of course i wish you guys could appreciate the great work of the developers and support them.

The first game to talk about it’s still a work in progress but  pretty fun to try,the name of the game is Lil Tanks by Lead Money Games.

Lil Tanks is a fun,fast and challenging side scrolling shooter where you take control of a tank and you have to defeat the aliens to complete a level!Pretty simple idea but really fun to play.You can buy upgrades,fight tons of monsters,use special weapons and defeat tough bosses,in a frenetic gameplay section!For now there are just 4 levels in a campaign mode but the game will have,after the release, 4 modes,a boss rush mode,hardcore mode and endeless mode.Also it will feature a co-op mode so you can play with a friend! So what else to say? I’m looking forward to see this game in future so good luck to the devs and keep up the good work!

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Now let’s talk about the second game,shall we? The next one is Sort the Court! by Graeme Borland.In this game you’re a king and as a king you have to make decisions for your kingdom,to get more gold,helping people to gain their happines and obtain new people to live and do task for you.But the fun thing about this game is that  the only way to make a decisios is by reply with a yes or no to everything.Sometimes you make bad choices,some times good choices!It’s a pretty simple game to waste some time,but in my opinion it’s a bit too simple,it needs more consequences and bad choices but still pretty fun game to try! I don’t know if the developer will makes some updates,i hope so because it’s a really nice idea.

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Now the last game is Fruits of a Feather by Samurai Punk!I found that game relaxing,you’re a bird(eagle i think),you fly through this beautiful land with mountains,trees and water to catch all the fruits.The game is a bit empty so after a while you will close it,but remember,it’s a free game so it’s a good experience to try,if you want to relax a bit! A beautiful landscape accompany by this nice and calm soundtrack while you fly and feel a good sensation of peace.Well done!Hope to see a more complete version in future by this guys.

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So that’s it for now! Thanks everyone for reading this little post,hope this is a good idea while thinking about a new review to make.Maybe 3 games are a bit too much everyday but i’m gonna try to do my best,of course if you have some games to let me try feel free to comment!

See you space cowboys.



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