Indie Review:Freedom Fall. Escape from the evil princess

Hello everyone! This is my very first review on this blog and today i’m gonna talk about the indie game Freedom Fall,from the Stirfire Studios.

Freedom Fall it’s a 2D platform game about a little boy called Marsh,who wake up in a dangerous tower as a prisoner ,and his only way to escape is by avoiding all the traps and the dangers without dying.Your enemy is the Princess,a sadistic girl who want you to die so hard.She will write in the walls during your adventure to insult you and telling you her story and why you are here.

The gameplay is pretty simple and classic,you have to dodge all the traps by jumping,but during your adventure you will unlock also other equipment like bombs and wings to help you.Also sometimes you get some special events and boss fights!Now about the duration,the game is  pretty short,you can complete the entire game in about 2 hours or less also in hard difficulty.In my opinion it’s a bit too short for a platform, but if you are a completionist  you can still hunt and get some achievements to complete it with a 100%.There are also different endings,not so rilevant but still different ones to try,and also a bonus level to complete.


Now let’s talk about the  Soundtrack and the Graphic.The soundtrack is pretty good,i loved the songs during the gameplay,they are  frenetic and with a “indian” twist in them.The graphic as you can see is hand-drawing,with a cartoonish style,pretty simple but still good!


Final Comment with pro and cons:


  • A different type and interesting story
  • Fun and challenging platforming action
  • Really good soundtracks and nice cartoonish art
  • Different endings


  • Too short for the price.

Well thanks everyone for reading my opinion about this game,it was a good surprise to me with is charming and different story.Of course i’m not a professional reviewer but just a guy with a passion for videogames!

See you space cowboys.


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