Indie Review:Dark Echo.Follow your steps into the freedom

Hello everyone! Today the game to review is pretty particular so i’m gonna try to do my best. Today i’m gonna talk about the indie game Dark Echo made by RAC7 Games.

Dark Echo is a unique puzzle game with horror elements,you enter in a dark room,the only thing you can see are your steps,so you have to light the room by walking.Every step you make,will create an echo,that let you see the room and where to go just with the sound,to find the exit.

Gameplay: To win a level,you have to find the exit,but it’s all dark and you can’t see anything,so you have to walk and make some noise to see where to go,but the things got more interesting after some levels.After some levels some monsters will make their debut and will start chasing you,if they hear you.So you have to stay quiet but at the same time,you have to make some noises,because you have to light the room,and if they hear you,better start to run.There are many ways to distract them,if you press the spacebar you can hit the ground with your feet and make a huge noise,so you can send them to the destination you want and then run away behind them,or after some levels you can throw “a rock” i think,to distract them so you can pass.Of course you have always to pay attention to the sounds you make and think when you can make it to light the room.So a pretty challenging and intelligent gameplay.

Talking about the Graphic and Sound,The graphic as you can see from the screenshot is pretty simplistic,but for the type of game in my opinion is a really good choice. Instead talking about the audio,it’s really well made,if you play with your headset you will feel the anxiety,the fear and  you will hear every little noises in the room,it makes the game a unique experience to try.

Final comment with pro and cons:


  • A unique experience to try
  • Really immersive
  • Lot of levels to complete and a light mode


  • Some levels are a bit repetitive and boring

Bought it for just 1 Euro during Steam Summer Sales,and it was an awesome and cheap experience to try,really immersive,dark and also scary sometimes thanks to the awesome work with the audio.

Thanks for reading my review,as i said already,i’m not a professional reviewer but just a guy with a passion for videogames,so feel free to share some opinions and critics to help me writing better next time!Also sorry if there are some errors but i’m italian.

See you space cowboys.


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